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Terms and Conditions

EntreKing has been developed and provided by us, Entreking Pty Ltd ACN 605 097 612.  By clicking “I Agree” or by using EntreKing (which includes this version and other update or feature that we may provide) you agree to the following terms and conditions, so you should read these carefully.

Key terms

content” means any text, graphics, photographs, videos, trade marks, logos, sounds, music, artwork, computer code and other material used, displayed or available on EntreKing.
course agreement” means the agreement entered into by an educator and a student for a course.
course fee” means the amount due and payable as determined by an educator and agreed by a student in exchange for a course offered by an educator through EntreKing.
course listing” means a listing created by an educator specifying a course available for booking via Woohsa.
course” means a session accessible or through EntreKing where an educator provides teaching, demonstration, training or other similar educational content to a student.
educator” means a user who creates a course listing via EntreKing.
“profile” means the profile created by users to access EntreKing.
services” means the services offered by EntreKing to users.
student” means a user who requests or books a course from an educator via EntreKing.
transaction fee” means the fee charged by EntreKing in accordance with these terms with respect to a course.
 “user” means a person who completes EntreKing’s registration process, as described under ‘user account password and security’ below.

User account password and security

Using EntreKing, or using all of the functions of EntreKing, requires you to open an account.  To do so, you must complete the registration process found through the EntreKing website.  By opening an account you agree that all information you provide is accurate and up to date and does not infringe any other person’s rights.  You must also update your account details if any of them change.

You are responsible for all of the activities that occur under your account.  You should therefore carefully choose your password and user name and protect them from unauthorised use.  Please notify us immediately of any unauthorised use of your account or any other breach of security. If someone else uses your password or account, we will not be liable for loss from that use.


EntreKing is open to people of all ages. However, users under the age of 18 must register with the permission of a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians of users under the age of 18 must read and agree to be bound by these terms, and agree to be responsible for such use of the services provided by EntreKing.

Information you provide to us

When you use EntreKing you may send personal information to us or we may get access to that information from you using EntreKing.  We will use, store and handle this information in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) that apply to us and our privacy policy which may be accessed at www.entreking.com.

We do not claim ownership of this information.  You will continue to own any and all intellectual property rights in such information.  However, you agree and grant us a perpetual, non-exclusive, assignable, worldwide and royalty free licence (with a right to sub-licence) to use, store, reproduce, communicate, publish, display or distribute such information in an anonymous manner.  This continues even though you no longer use entreking.  We will only use this information for the purposes of operating, promoting and improving the entreking platform, for developing other products or services, and for any other purposes set out in our privacy policy.  This means, for example, that we might use this information to compile statistical information for use in marketing EntreKing, to make improvements to EntreKing, or to develop complementary products or services to EntreKing.

If you would like to know more about how we use, store or handle your personal information, please contact us.



Services provided through entreking

We are not the supplier of any services offered or supplied through entreking.  Any services are offered and/or supplied under arrangements between individuals.  Therefore any transaction you have with another person through or using entreking is between you and them, and we do not get involved.

We do not have any control over any person in relation to these services and make no guarantees or representations of any kind in relation to the quality, suitability or reliability of such services. We do not warrant the accuracy of any information provided through entreking in relation to the identity, experience, details or qualifications of the persons, or any services or the terms on which such services are offered and supplied. 

Any decision made by educators or students in relation to the offer or supply of such services or the terms on which they are offered or supplied is final and you, as a user, are responsible for such decisions.  All questions or disputes relating to any such services that are provided or accessed through entreking must be directed to the educator or student you have entered into arrangements with, and you agree not to direct them to us.

Dispute resolution assistance

We may, but is not obliged to, assist in resolving disputes between users in some circumstances at their discretion. Where users’ dispute concerns certain matters where we have the technical ability due to our internal data or systems to provide assistance, such as the time of a course or if a user failed to attend the course as scheduled, we may assist by providing information about certain user activity relevant to the dispute at hand. Each user hereby authorises us to release such relevant information in our control to the other user with whom they are in dispute with for the sole purpose of assisting the parties to resolve the dispute. Users can then use this information to resolve any dispute they may have themselves. We will not mediate disputes between users.

External sites

In entreking, you may come across links or references to external merchants or suppliers.  Please be aware that we do not make any promises about what they may supply to you.  Therefore any transaction you have with these merchants are between you and these merchants, and we do not get involved.  By accessing external website links to these merchants and other sites through Woohsa, we do not promise that they are appropriate, that they work or that they are virus free.

Changes to entreking

We may change or improve entreking at any time.  For example we may develop and distribute updates, enhancements or new features.

We may also stop making entreking available or modify its availability in any way.  We will always try to give you notice of any such changes in the availability of entreking or certain features provided by entreking before they take effect, although this may not always be possible.

Intellectual property

We and our licensors (as applicable) own all intellectual property in entreking, including any updates, enhancements and new features we may provide.
We give you a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive licence to use entreking and any other software provided to you by us in relation to Woohsa. This licence is solely to enable you to use and enjoy entreking and you may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or lease any part of our intellectual property. 

We own all entreking trademarks, branding and logos contained in, or relating to, entreking and you cannot use them for any purpose.

Ownership of user content

We may allow users to post, distribute or publish content on our platform. Users of entreking retain ownership of the content and information that they post. However, users agree to grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual transferable non-exclusive licence (with the ability to sub-licence) to use, reproduce, copy, adapt, store, distribute, print, display, perform, broadcast, publish, communicate to the public, make available to the public or create derivative works of content or information posted by you, anywhere, for any purpose and in any form, without any compensation to you. 

As a user of entreking, you agree that you are solely responsible for any content or information that you have posted. We do not guarantee any confidentiality or security in relation to any content or information posted. We do not endorse or take any responsibility for any content posted by any of its users. We do not share or represent the views or opinions of its users.

Prohibited uses

You agree that you will only use entreking for lawful purposes.  Where you are able to send or post information using entreking, you are responsible for anything you send or post, using entreking. You must not send or post anything that is offensive, against the law or which we think is inappropriate.

We may remove from entreking or refuse to display anything that we think is inappropriate.

Security and integrity

You must not violate the security of entreking in any way.  We may suspend or cancel your entreking account or your access to entreking if we suspect any security violation. We may also inform any law enforcement body of any suspected unauthorised or criminal activity.  Examples of security violations include:




Changes to and breaches of these terms

We may change these terms of use at any time.  Before changing the terms we will try to give you notice of such change by way of update before they take effect, although again this may not always be possible.  If you continue using entreking after the changes take effect, you are taken to have agreed to the changes.
We may investigate any suspected non-compliance with, or breach of, any provision contained in these terms and conditions for any reason.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate a user’s right to access entreking for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, where we reasonably believe that a user is in breach of a provision of these terms and conditions.

No endorsement

We do not endorse any educators. Educators are required to provide accurate information and can link their entreking profile to third party social media websites, including Linkedin, where relevant, for the purpose of verification of their skills. However, we do not recommend any educator or verify the accuracy of the information provided by educators in their profile, or on any third party websites that are linked to entreking, such as the qualifications or experience them may claim to have.

We do not endorse any representation made by educators in relation to the courses they offer and the outcomes students can expect.

We may, but are not obliged to, undertake additional checks and processes for the purpose of verifying or checking the identities or backgrounds of users, but this does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement.

It is the responsibility of students to verify the accuracy of information provided by educators on their profile and in their course listings. We recommend that users attempt to verify the accuracy of this information prior to entering into a course agreement with an educator. Students acknowledge that there is no guarantee as to the quality or outcome of any course taken through entreking.

Educator warranties

Educators warrant that the information they provide is accurate and current, and that they will update their profile as necessary to include any changes to their personal details, qualifications or experience relevant to their course listings on entreking.

Educators warrant that they will not make any false representations in any content they post through entreking.


By accessing and using entreking, you assume all risks associated with such access and use.  Please note that as there are many factors beyond our control that may affect the performance or compatibility of entreking with certain software or hardware.  We cannot promise that your use of entreking will be uninterrupted or error or defect free or that errors or defects in entreking will be corrected.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we (and our directors, employees and agents) do not accept any liability for, and you agree to release us from any claim in relation to any loss, howsoever caused, suffered or incurred by you arising from your use of entreking (including without limitation any consequential losses or damages) and any liability we owe is limited, to the maximum extent permitted under law, to the amount you paid to use entreking, or (if we choose) us providing the service again.

You acknowledge and agree that we do not have any obligation to conduct background checks on any of its members, including, but not limited to, its educators and students, but may conduct background checks in its sole discretion. As the user you are solely responsible for all communications and interactions with other users of entreking. You understand that we do not make any attempt to verify the statements of users of the site. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all communications and interactions with other users of entreking.

Advice obtained from us, whether oral or written, will not create a warranty not expressly made in these terms and conditions of use.

While we require educators to make certain warranties, we cannot verify or guarantee that educators have made these warranties truthfully or that any representation or statements made by any user are complete, accurate or truthful. You agree that we will not be liable nor responsible for any warranty, representation or statements made by any user, where they are incomplete, inaccurate or not truthful.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us (and our directors, employees and agents) harmless from and against all claims, liabilities, losses or expenses (including reasonable legal fees on a full indemnity basis) that arise from:



Feedback and reporting misconduct

We encourage all users to report any misconduct experienced while using entreking by contacting us through our social media or email services.

Further information

If you have any questions about the terms or would like any further information, please contact us through our social media or email address.